In April 2003, Micky joined the Barron Knights as Bass Guitarist/Vocalist. The BK's have known Mick for years through his association with Stuart Blandamer (previously of Q Tips fame). It was at Stuart's studio that Mick did the drum programming on their single "Golden Oldie Old Folks Home".


Micky began playing in bands in his teen years in and around his home town of Hemel Hempstead in Southern England. 

One of his early bands was The Sugar Band which also featured guitarist Andy Powell, later founder and now lone survivor of Wishbone Ash. Andy recalls how Micky was instrumental in devising the famous riff for the Wishbone hit "Blowin' Free". 

Other bands Micky contributed to during this period include Wild Wally's Rock'n'Roll Show (and appeared on their highly collectable album "I Go Ape"), and Eve, whose guitarist Eamonn Percival later became a noted rock writer and was the last journalist to interview Who drummer Keith Moon. Micky graduated through the ranks of these bands to become an accomplished musician in great demand as a bass guitarist, session player and harmony vocalist. Then, during the British New Wave/Pub Rock era, Micky joined as bass player for Ducks De Luxe (singing lead vocal on their "I Fought The Law" single) and the Force with Deke Leonard.

During his tenure with Ducks De Luxe, Micky had a memorable jam session in Amsterdam with Flying Burrito Brothers' pedal steel guitarist Sneaky Pete and this gave Micky a great taste for American Country music. Micky later became involved in surfing music by joining Adrian Baker's Gidea Park with whom on one occasion he backed-up Adrian's fellow Beach Boy Mike Love. Micky's other bands included popsters Nashville Teens and Mud, and his recording credits include Robert Plant ("Manic Nirvana"), Joan Jett ("Bad Reputation"), Psychic TV ("Godstar") and IQ

Now, Micky's writing has gained him a reputation as a seminal musicologist with a penchant for brilliant harmonies and inventive melodies. His first solo album "Yo!" (Leg Room Records) was released in 2001, and further albums "Soul Rider" and "Light Of Day" appeared in 2002 and 2003 respectively and he is involved in the "SpyderBaby" project headed by songwriter Rob Stride, with the support of "Teenage Opera" composer Mark Wirtz